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About NiiFi

NiiFi is built on patent-pending scaling technology allowing for instant finality, low cost and predictable gas/transaction fees, interoperability, and composability. NiiFi has been built with the future in mind.

NiiFi will be used to solve real business problems and will give more back to users by providing simple, elegant and user-friendly tools. NiiFi is DeFi for the masses.

Our Technology

NiiFi is built on a patent-pending technology - nahmii.

Nahmii is a unique platform required to build solutions on the blockchain. The underlying technology elevates NiiFi to a fully useable and commercial grade product with all the benefits of blockchain.

There is no scaling solution on Ethereum today that offers nahmii's performance. Nahmii introduces State Pools, a patent-pending technology that provides the right tools to easily build solutions on Ethereum at scale.

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Our Awesome Features

defi meets Utility

DeFi Meets Utility

The NiiFi tools don’t just solve problems, they enhance the entire ecosystem through innovation.


Plug & Play

The NiiFi platform is open, easily adaptable and natively merges DeFi & into a plethora of global industries such as gaming, fintech and loyalty.


Optimized for commercial adoption

Powered by nahmii 2.0, NiiFi creates true and unrivalled scale on the Ethereum blockchain.


Killer Interface

Tools built from the ground up designed around simplicity to solve real world use cases.

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Our Tools

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An Automated Market Making exchange which is ideally suited to provide easy exchange between any currencies including a gateway for fiat users into cryptocurrency.

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A lending protocol allows borrowers in a DeFi ecosystem to free up working capital, whilst not missing out on the potential upside of their holdings.

Industry Experts

The NiiFi team is a team of seasoned engineers with ample start-up experience and a deep interest in Ethereum with over 30 years of industry experience and connections.

Investors And Partners